Iron Man Tiger 7
Tiger Seven 2
Some attributes
First Type - Hero
Second Human Form - Takigawa Go
Third Vehicle - Spike Go
Other attributes
Fourth None
Takigawa Go, A.K.A Iron Man Tiger 7, is the main character of Tetsujin Tiger Seven.


Takigawa Go is a human with a artificial heart and a strange magic pendant. If there is danger, he utters the henshin "Tiger Spark", and transforms into Iron Man Tiger 7.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Tiger Head Beam: A beam made of solar energy.
  • Belt: Tiger 7's belt can heal people using Tiger Energy.
    • Buckle Energy Red Zone: A blast of Tiger Energy.
  • Tiger Eye Attack: Two beams of golden energy from Tiger 7's eyes.
  • Tiger Spin: A technique used to escape restraints.
  • Tiger Hurricane: A blast of wind from Tiger 7's mouth.
  • Fight Glove: A yellow glove that can be used for melee combat.
    • Tiger Cutter: A karate chop.
    • Tiger Hawk: A technique used to make attacks go inside of opponents.