The title card

Tetsujin Tiger Seven (鉄人タイガーセブン) literally Iron Man Tiger Seven, was special effects(Toksatsu) TV show produced by P Productions. It originally aired on Fuji TV from 6th October 1973 to 30th March 1974, every Saturday from 19:00 - 19:30. A total of 26 episodes have been broadcasted. The series features a hero of the same name.


This series strongly reflected the creators' plans to start the next "Monster Boom". The setting of the series was rather unique, for example, unlike most Tokusatsu series at that time, the hero Tiger Seven battles an ancient race of monsters. Many concepts were borrewed from Perfector MM (pronounced Mu) パーフェクターMM. Due to the low budget, the filming locations were limited but ingenuity compensated for it.


Dr. Takigawa's led a research team to do an archeological survey of the Sahara Desert. His son, Takigawa Tsuyoshi, who followed him, was killed by the Sand Genjin Snaorami. Dr. Takigawa wanted to revive his son, so he grafted artificial heart SP used for mummy resuscitation. Takeshi was revived and entrusted with an ancient pendant with a Tiger design from his father giving him the ability to transform into Iron Man Tiger Seven. As Tiger Seven, he fights against the Ancient People of Mu who seek to destroy mankind.